As you can see, the year is over and not all the pictures are up. This was me distancing myself from technology and falling behind. My plan is now to catch up. You're going to get a lovely random mixture of pictures.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 47

     Weirdest weather today. Windy by day, sleet-y by night. I was planning on doing a shoot today, but I kind of gave up in the face of the wind. Dang it though, I should have done it. Might've made for some fun results. Now I know, you NEVER back down because of the weather. When he's being unkind, you just smile and prove to him that you are awesome. I really wish the wind would kick up again.
     And now we've got some sleet. Hmmm. Not really feeling the photo jive. But that's why I gotta keep trying.

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