As you can see, the year is over and not all the pictures are up. This was me distancing myself from technology and falling behind. My plan is now to catch up. You're going to get a lovely random mixture of pictures.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46

    Baby Tori is such a beautiful girl. And boy has she grown in the last few months! No, she's not mine, but I kinda wish she was! She is such a big girl, so incredibly smart and sweet. I even got a little raspberry on my cheek after giving her one on her belly. And she's not even talking yet! I love her cute little sprouting pony tail, her gorgeous blue eyes and her endearing little chin dimple, just like daddy. I hope she is always loved, wherever she goes, cause I know that she deserves it.
     Lighting was tricky tonight, in a poorly lit apartment and a restless baby, but I still had fun shooting. I tried a lot of things, but neither aperture nor ISO could save me tonight. I finally caved and tried with flash. Gosh, I hate on-camera flash. Someday I'll be able to afford a nice hot-shoe attachment.

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