As you can see, the year is over and not all the pictures are up. This was me distancing myself from technology and falling behind. My plan is now to catch up. You're going to get a lovely random mixture of pictures.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 99

     I fell in love with the Mojave desert. Red brome is bad, Joshua trees are awesome, I held Kangaroo Rats, Pocket Mice and a baby Jackrabbit. My feet were neither warm nor dry along with my hands and the sun came out just once. I laughed a lot and learned some stuff. I was convinced that country music is actually fun to listen to on dirt roads late at night and makes me want to just dance. I found some of the craziest things to do at night are some of the most fun. Like watching 20 college students rocket out of a van after a Heteromyid past midnight. I found out it's fun to hang out with people with the same passions as you, and that sometimes I act like a know-it-all. I got to camp again and it was heaven.

Just one final view of the beautiful ranch we stayed at...

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