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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 83

     Very dramatic day. I was doing fine, writing a paper, when I heard the news. My home town was in the wrath of a wildfire. 8,500 people had been evacuated, and the fire was quickly spreading. My neighborhood and another large one were evacuated and seemingly in the path of burning. And I was frightened. Deep down I knew it would be ok, that I could just trust the Lord and whatever happened would be ultimately be for the best, that it was unlikely that my house wouldn't be there tomorrow. But it was just the selfish me that feared for the landscape I called home, my churches, schools, and friends' houses. And of course pets. All papers forgotten, brow furrowed, anxiety-eating and online news channel streaming. Constant text updates and phone calls, just to soak up all I could learn. And I watched as the fire surprisingly quickly climbed over gullies, swallowing up fields and chomped up the towering Ponderosa Pine Trees I had grown up with. I watched as it jumped from 50, 100, 1000 to over 1600 acres consumed. And I watched as it burned within feet of homes, and as the wind suddenly changed directions, burning back on itself and back out to open area. Evacuations for my town were lifted, and the thousands returned home. No structures damaged, and now as far as I know, it's 70% contained. Truly a miracle. Prayers are answered. And I breathe a Sigh of Sweet Relief.

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