As you can see, the year is over and not all the pictures are up. This was me distancing myself from technology and falling behind. My plan is now to catch up. You're going to get a lovely random mixture of pictures.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 64

     Awesome awesome day. A professor here is doing some research on bear reproduction habits. Today they were going to check out one of the bears. And I was invited! Had to get up way early, and was a super long drive, but worth it. Made a wrong turn, ended up in another state, mistook a plane for a bird, but really really fun. Muddy, snowy slopes and cars getting stuck, momma bear waking up early, but so incredible. I did not get pictures of the bears, because of the limits of time and space, but to see them and be there was so worth it. Saw some beautiful things on the way there and back, and shared plenty of laughs.

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